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  • Image of Services -Refresh and Renew - Closet Cleanse
  • Image of Services -Refresh and Renew - Closet Cleanse
  • Image of Services -Refresh and Renew - Closet Cleanse
  • Image of Services -Refresh and Renew - Closet Cleanse

Do you feel you have a ton of clothes and nothing to wear? Is getting dressed a chore in the morning, especially when you're running late? You just need some assistance on different ways to wear what you currently own. With clearing your clutter, and giving you some advice I can bring your wardrobe back to life.

Organization is Key! I can organize your entire closet from top to bottom and set it up “boutique style”, so you will see all your favorite things hanging and it will be organized for you to get dressed with ease, daily without the headaches.

Note: Please email me first to set up a date and time for your consultation. Consultation fee is $75.00. It's not included in the prices below. However once you book a date the consultation fee will be subtracted from the cost of service.

Price break down descriptions are below:
Regular Closet - Regular size room closet plus an armoire / chest of draws/ Bed with Draws ( clothes does not exceed one room) $275.00

Royalty closet - Is a walk in closet. This is a two door closet. with some room to walk into, all while in a bedroom

Celebrity closet - Is a walk in room/ extra large walk in closet and includes clothes from one additional room

Department Store Diva/Don closet - Is a walk in room plus additional closets in the house, as well as having clothes and accessories in another space or basement of the home.

Mansion Madness - Accumulated more the a century of stylish wear and needs a helping hand to go through it all.

I am also able to help you design your space. Information can be discussed during consultation visit.

I do not physically build a closet. I organize them. I can also come with you to your store of choice to help you decide on the look you want to achieve for an additional $25.00 an hour (this does not get subtracted from the Closet Cleanse you select, and this is in addition to consultation fee)

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Side by Side Shopping
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Weekly Wardrobe Assisting
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Service - Refresh and Renew Closet Maintenance
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Monthly Fashion Coaching Subscription
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